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Your tax advisor and public accountant in Frankfurt/Germany

About Us

We are an auditing company at the international location Frankfurt/Germany. Together with our managing partner Mrs. Steuerberater (German certified tax adviser) and Wirtschaftsprüfer (German certified  public accountant) Ina M. Küchler, we offer you a competent team, which will assist you with excellent professional advice. Our clients include international and national companies, self-employed persons and private individuals from Germany and abroad.

„Ignorance of tax law provides no escape from having to pay taxes. Knowledge often does so.“

(Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1744 – 1812, banker and citizen of Frankfurt/Germany)


Our services include especially:

  • Statutory audits
  • Special audits, focus on opinions on going concern and liquidity status of SMEs
  • Valuation of companies/investments and monetary mediation in business and private disputes
  • Management consultancy for SMEs; our core competencies include restructuring, reorganisation, recapitalisation
  • Preparation of annual accounts for large, mid-sized and small corporations and partnerships
  • Advice in the finalization of annual accounts; respective employee training
  • Preparation of annual tax filings for corporations, partnerships and individuals
  • Financial and payroll accounting, payslips, monthly tax filings
  • Advice in the implementation and updating of in-house financial and payroll accounting, ongoing support, audits of implemented accounting systems

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Dr. Hilmar Noack GmbH
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You will find parking spaces in the parking garage Kaiserplatz, Bethmannstraße 50-54.